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International Robot Competition Sumo Challenge has been taking place since 2008. Each year more and more contestants take part in this tournament, moreover in a record edition number of registered robots exceeded 250. This year we would like to invite you to TUL Sports and Education Centre “Sports Bay” (Zatoka Sportu Politechniki Łodzkiej). Because of a huge interest in our contest, we decided to extend the competition to two days, so we can also organize drone races.

Competitor zone


ABB Sumo

This is the most famous and typical robotic competition. The purpose of sumo robots, as well as the real sumo competitors, is to push an opponent out of the ring. Competition takes place in several classes with different size and weight - from large, powerful robots in MegaSumo class to the tiny NanoSumo Robots, that not exceed size of a matchbox!


TME Line Follower

Truly a Formula 1 race in the world of robots. The rules are simple - the machine which covers the given track first is the winner. In the Turbo class robots use turbines for getting higher speeds and in Enhanced class there are obstacles on the track that robots have to pass.



In this category special robot (called "mouse") has to find the quickest or shortest possible route through the maze. This task is a special challenge for programmers and the key factor here is a good algorithm.


Humanoid Sprint

This is one of two (as well as Humanoid Sumo) categories for human-shape walking robots. Because of the complex mechanical design, the task here is considered some as one of the most difficult and challenging in the world of robots.



No matter of its size or purpose, every construction can take part in this competition. The winner here is chosen by jury and the audience, so the aim here is to arouse their interest with some original concept of robot.


Bear Rescue

Save polish bears! The task in this category is to find a teddy bear in a simple labirynth and keep him to safety place.



Line follower bores you? What if you face a real race where no holds barred and several robots races simultaneously?


Ketchup House

We invite you to participate in this category, where two robots compete in order to quickly find cans of ketchup in the simple labirynth! Bon Appetit!


Agenda of an event:

Day 1
8:00-10:00 Registration of contestants, robots verification
10:00-15:00 Preliminaries, workshops – robots building and programming
15:00-18:00 Finals
18:00 Prize-giving ceremony

Day 2
8:00-10:00 Registration of contestants, drones verification
10:00-18:00 Preliminaries and final
18:00 Preliminaries and final

The agenda of the competition may change and the end time of an event is given approximately.

Drone race

Wyścigi dronów organizowane są przy współpracy z doświadczoną firmą Roto Invaders, która przygotowała już kilkanaście tego typu imprez w całej Polsce. Nad przebiegiem konkursu czuwać będzie wykwalifikowana kadra sędziowska, a dzięki profesjonalnemu sprzętowi każda osoba, odwiedzająca nas w dniu wyścigów, będzie mogła poczuć się jak pilot dzięki transmisji na żywo, wyświetlanej na telebimie.

Regulations and registration


Hackathon ‘Robots for Smart City’ is a joint event organized by the Lodz University of Technology, WSB University from Dąbrowa Górnicza and the Fablab Łódź Foundation as part of the project ‘A Knowledge Alliance between HEIs, makers, and manufacturers to boost Open Design & Manufacturing in Europe (OD & M)’. It is one of the elements of the new educational formula employing hackathons and makers workshops to provide knowledge, skills and social competencies useful in the modern labor market. The leading theme of this innovative program is the Smart City. A group of 25 students will create prototypes of robots or services for the city of the future. Throughout the day you will be able to observe the progress of work and at the end of the Sumo Challenge, the presentation of Hackathon outcomes.


Students Robotic Group SKaNeR

Student Robotics Group, that organize Sumo Challenge annually.

Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering

One of the biggest faculties of Lodz University of Technology, where Students Robotic Group SKaNeR belongs.

Lodz University of Technology

Lodz University of Technology - one of the biggest universities in Poland.

Ale Robot

Educational workshops on robotics for children and youth. During the workshops, children will learn the basics of machines and robotics as well as programming techniques.

TUL Sports and Education Centre “Sports Bay”.

Akademickie Centrum Sportowo-Dydaktyczne

Honorary Patronage

Rector of Lodz University of Technology Prof. dr hab. inż. Sławomir Wiak
Prezydent Miasta Łodzi Hanna Zdanowska
Młodzi w Łodzi

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